We were the Sunny California / healthy-star.com seller.
(the website permanently closed) 


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We are the distributor of
these brands below:

(all products are FDA approved)


Millennium, Poly5 and more...(check products)

Gwei Hua Balm 桂花膏 (order online)


Koso Ball EX (Enzyme), β-Glucan Ball, Reishi Extract Ball, Lipopo (Lipopolysaccharide) and more...(check products)


Sunrise (alaska blueberry and other antioxidant ingredients) , Sunset(alaska fish oil and other antioxidant ingredients), Nitro FX (noni fruit and other antioxidant ingredients) ...(check products)

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Natural essential oils and essential oil related products...(check products)

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